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[ Beethoven's String Quartet No.15 A-minor ]

Ludwig van Beethoven composed 17 volumes of string quartet, including "Grosse Fuge(Grand fugue)". These are his important works as 9 symphonies or 32 piano sonatas.

Especially saying, after "the ninth symphony", his composition was almost only for string quartets. The five string quartets and one large fugue after "the ninth symphony" are very worth to know his music in his last years.

Among these string quartet, I adopted the 15th for all movments

In "Beethoven's string quartet in his last years", there are pieces in which many movements with various types and length are included and makes us to understand hardly. It makes difficult to recognize for us. But this 15th quartet has the structure to understand easily, and each movement are rich in their contents. So it is said that the 15the sting quartet is a masterpiece in his last year's string quartet.

I made MIDI file for all of this music. This music has the following structure. The 4th movement and the 5th movement are played without interruption. You can download the MIDI file of each movement separately, or all MIDI of these at once with zip compressed format.

Each movement

The 1st movement

Beginning with introduction with Assai sosutenuto 2/2, and main section is sonata form with Allegro 4/4. But item in the introduction is important role. The following music sheets are from the upper to the lower, instruction subject, 1st subject, bridge passage subject, 2nd subject.

[Items in the 1st movementĀ@(1stmov.gif, 13.0KB)]

The 2nd movement

Allegro ma non tanto 3/4. It has compound ternary form. In main section two melodies are alternately of simultaneously. Its technique is interesting. And in middle section, organ point in A-string of the 1st violin and staccato are beautiful.

[The items in the 2nd movement (2ndmov.gif , 9.89KB]

The 3rd movement

Just before composing the third movement Beethoven became sick in his bowels. And after recovery from this illness, he composed this movement with thanks to the divinity. The 3rd movement has the following five sections.
(i)Hielger Dankegesang eines Genesenen an die Gottheit, in der lydischen Tonart, (Song of holly thanks of recovery to the divinity in the Lydian mode) Molto adagio 4/4
(ii)Neue Kraft fühlend, (Feeling new power) Andante 3/8
(iii)Molto adagio 4/4
(iv)Andante 3/8
(v)Molto adagio 4/4
(i),(iii),(v) are Lydian mode chorale.(iii) is the variation of (i). (v) is development of (i) with fugal technique. (It is great in this fugal development.) And ((ii),(iv) are more active section with 3/8.

In the following music sheet, the upper is (i) chorale with introduction. It becomes the basis of (i),(iii) and (v). The lower is the beginning of the melody in (ii) and (iv).

[The items in the 3rd movement ( 3rdmov.gif, 3.87KB)]

The 4th movement

The first half is march style. (Alla marcia, assai vivace 4/4) The last half, Piú allegro, consist of the passage of the 1st violin. In the following music sheet, the upper is the starting of march, and the lower is the starting of passage.

[The items in the 4th movement (4thmove.gif, 1.76KB)]

The 5th movement

Allegro appasionato 3/4. It has Rondo-Sonata form. The theme with activity and passion appears.

QUIZ : I don't show the music sheet of the main theme of this movement. Certainly the music sheet of this theme has been already used somewhere of this site. Let's find it shall we ?
Hint : Now I will show you the accompany part. Oh ? Do you want to say " It's not a hiht !" ?

[The beginning of finale (only accompaniment) (Filna,e.gif, 4.24KB)]

The answer is ... please look this page... :-)

[ Used synthesizer ]

I make with Roland 88pro. There is only one 88pro map. It is for express open A strings in the 2nd movement. Probably this data can be available with GS.

[ Track Table ]

Track table of the MIDI data
Track Channel Bank Patch
1 1 SC-55 Map Capital Tones Violin
2 2 SC-55 Map Capital Tones Violin
3 3 SC-55 Map Capital Tones Viola
4 4 SC-55 Map Capital Tones Cello
5 5 SC-88pro Map Capital Tones Violin
6 6 SC-55 Map Capital Tones Pizzicatostr
7 7 SC-55 Map Capital Tones Pizzicatostr
8 8 SC-55 Map Capital Tones Pizzicatostr

[ Notes ]

When you use the following material(s), please read "requirements to use" in "Free MIDI Libraries" page.


MIDI data(The 1st movement,73.4KB)

MIDI data(The 2nd movement,101KB)

MIDI data(The 3rd movement,86.8KB)

MIDI data(The 4th and 5th movements,93.4KB)

MIDI data(All movements. It is compressed with ZIP format.144KB)

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