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"Gloria" Diary 2002(3)

On November 30, 2002, the concert of "Gloria Ensemble and Choir Vol.10" will be performed. Here is the information of the concert. I belong this group as a harpsichord player. The piece in this year is the whole of J. S. Bach's Mass in B-minor (BWV 232)! It is famous and one of the greatest works of Johann Sebastian Bach! Of course, it needs Basso Continuo's activity and it is heavy work! ... What are waiting for us ? Please read the following...

NOTE : I divide "Gloria Diary 2002" as the following;

September 15, 2002 The fourth "Combined Training"

Today is the date of the fifth combined training. In September, it becomes cool. Hot and humid summer has been already ended. It is cloudy but very comfortable day. The word "Comfortable" can be used not only for me but also for my harpsichord. I can keep stable air condition for harpsichord so that I can easily tuned it.

[Cello, Contrabass, and Continuo Keyboard Speed Limit [QUARTER NOTES]=100/min.]

Today's training starts on 2:00 p.m. Beginning with "Kyrie", we trained all pieces of the Mass. It was the first time we performed whole of music. The most serious problem is "tempo". The tempo in one part is not equal to the one in others. In some pieces, this brought catastrophe (?) of performance.

In addition, I contribute (?) it(Bomb). Especially, I accelerated in "Cum sancto Spiritu". My behavior soon influenced to the cello part. Mr. Baba, prime player of cello part, has been absent from today's training, so my behavior easily confuses the cello part. Mr. Kataoka said,

"The sound of harpsichord can be listened. Please do not accelerate..."

It is bad situation! After this time, I become careful in tempo looking the conductor and other parts. Then I become to be able to listen and watch the behavior of the other parts. Uhh? Soprano in the chorus is not in tempo. Bass in the chorus is almost good in tempo. No! The tempo required cello part is not correct. I should be control....

After the training was end, Mr. Kataoka said to me,

"You seems calm and relaxed and your performance is good. Your feeling is close to my feeling."

"Calm and relaxed"? What it means? On, I remember that I had been adding many ornaments(^^;. However, I am pleased Mr. Kataoka's saying, "Your feeling is close to my feeling." Problably, my way will not be wrong.

I also listened the representative, Mr. Sugaya's saying,

"Soprano is late in its tempo and instrumental bass is too fast." Umm, I may cause "too fast bass".(+_+;)

Our conductor, Mr. Kataoka said,

"'We shall make our stage regarded not 'hard' but 'great'".

The training place was fulled with laughing, but... how diffecult is it ! How deep is its contents! I still cannot find my goal!


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