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"Gloria" Diary 2005(3)

On Saturday, November 19, 2005, the concert of "Gloria Ensemble and Choir Vol.13" will be performed. Here is the information of the concert. I belong this group as a harpsichord or organ player. The pieces in this year are Two "Magnificat"s by J.S.Bach and John Rutter! ... What are waiting for us ? Please read the following...

NOTE : I divide "Gloria Diary 2005" as the following;

September 25, 2005 "Combined Training" with Few Members of the Orchstra

Today's training was somewhat different from ordinary combined training. It is the day of the concert of Tochigi-ken symphony orchestra. (Here is the website of Tochigi-ken symphony orchestra. It is only in Japanese.) Most members in "Gloria Ensemble section" are the members of this orchestra. (But I am not.) There were only 6 persons! The situation with very few members enables me listen my sound easily. It is not so good. I can find my mistakes very clearly.(bomb!) But the atmosphere was very expansive for the members of orchestra, because the area occupied per one person was too wide(^^;). Uttchy-san, who is the conductor in the stage of J.S.Bach's Magnificat, Mr.Baba, who is the major in violoncello section, and I makes small conference about the tempo fluctuation just before the recapitulation of the ritornello in some aria. Such meeting can be opened in such expansive situation. And the contets was important. (However, when you watch the illustration of this page, you should notice that it is almost wrong(bomb!))

The member playing instruments was too few, so today's notification from two conductors, Mr.Kataoka, and Uttchy-san, were towards to mainly the chorus. Mr. Kataoka said that "Most of your sound is too lower than we expect. You should utter your sound from more upper side." I felt that it was the prerequisite condition for coloring by the conductor.

At the night, the Tochigi-ken symphony orchestra's concert was finished and the remaining member of the orchestra came together. It was the time of the first stage of the concert.

It is about one and half months to the concert performance.

October 25, 2005 Late for "Combined Training"

Today, I was late for the training. Am I frail? Or, Do not I recover form my depression? Sometimes I encounter my wealth's trouble. I joined the training when Bach's Magnificat was proceeding. (After the training, I found that it was critical date in my biorhythm. Oops!)

I felt that we are remarkably improving Bach's Magnificat. Especially the chorus is in good situation. On the other hand, it cannot be said that the orchestra is good. Up to now, the chorus was not good and the orchestra's badness was remarkable. But at present, it is not. Uttchy-san's indicated to the orchestra many times. As mellisma in chorus, it is not easy to play complex figure in instrumental part. We should do our best.

On the other hand, Rutter's music is "still not good" (said Mr. Kataoka). It is felt that it is constipated. It seems that we're over-restrained by the tempo, or beat indication in the music sheet. The rhythm in the 1st movement "Magnificat anima mea" is still leaden and it is felt that the triple time in the 2nd movement, "Of a Rose, Lovely Rose" seems to be mechanical.

By the way, our training in the next time uses the stage which is going to be used in concert performance. The instrument I will play is not substitute electrical keyboard, but real acoustic pipe-organ. I am looking forward to play it, but before this, I should take care of my wealth.

October 9, 2005 Training on Stage

Today's training is on the stage where our concert will be performed. It is effective that we can train the environment which is the same as the concert performance. I also use the instrument which will be used in the concert. It is, so called "positive organ". Although it is little, it is certainly pipe organ.

Positive Organ
Positive Organ : It is outwardly small.

Positive Organ(Back)
Taking off the back board, many pipes can be observed. It is certainly pipe-organ.

We started to prepare the stage from 4:00 p.m.

The Stage without anybody
The preparation was finished but there are no people on the stage. Such sight will be seen just before the concert performance on November 19.
Some kinds of particular strain can be felt.

The training was started at 6:00 p.m. The first training is for "J.S.Bach's Anthology". But it is not so good. Our orchestra seems to be in bad situation. After the training, Mr. Kumekawa, the conductor, ask me to make some kinds of "operation". (The contents of the "operation" should be secret.(^^;))

After that, we trained J.S.Bach's "Magnificat" and J.Rutter's "Magnificat" with soloists. The existence of solo singers makes the music clear. I felt that the changes of tempo mainly caused from the soloist's breath can be synchronized.

However, we have still may problems. The first one is that we are not accustomed to the acoustic environment of the stage. Especially I felt that the sounds from other parts was later than the exact tempo. And in my impression, the voice from the chorus does not arrive at the whole area of the seats of the audiences. The main conductor, The main conductor, Mr. Kataoka, said, "Every of you are still ordinary or mundane situation." Absolutely. The stage of the concert performance is the non-mundane world. The remaining date is less than 3 weeks. It becomes important that how far we can remove our mundane things when we will on the stage of the concert.

After today's training was finished, there is a meeting of leaders of chorus part and the conductors. Perhaps there were many directions about various problems which the chorus still has. There remaining period is not so long. I should put a spurt towards the concert.

November 13, 2005 One Week Before

As any people who met me know, I am often called "pregnant" with mockery. I am fat especially in my abdomen. It is not good. I always think that I should take care of my health and remove my fatness and usually go to swimming twice per a week. When I go to swimming pool, I usually swim 1500 meters at least or 1000 meters without any interruption. Yesterday(November 12, Saturday), I went to swim in such way in the evening. I swam about 3000 meters including twice swimming of 1000 meters without interruptions. After swimming, I felt comfortable tiredness. But it would cause my mistake. The next day, today (Nov. 13, Sunday), I woke up about 11:30 a.m. It is too late!

The remaining dates to the concert are less than one week. The remaining trainings are of today(Nov. 13, Sunday) and next Friday's only. I should have woken up early and pumped up! More serious thing is ? the start time of the training is 1:00 p.m. and it is more than 1 hour from my house to the place of the training. It will not be in time! I ride my car in a hurry and start driving to the hall, the place of the training. On that particular situation, the road were thronged with people going away for their holiday in autumn. I drove my car with some haste and arrived to the hall narrowly in time.

The training starts with Bach's "Magnificat" immediately. There are two soloists. One is soprano and the other is alto. Both are beautiful young females. It is enjoyable situation for me. ( I am a male and I am not so young.^^;)

But the security is the greatest enemy for our music. For the 2nd movement of Bach's Magnificat, i.e., "Et exsultavit", it was the first time to train with the soloist of soprano. It is not easy to synchronize between the soloist and the ensemble. We should notice the breath of the solo soprano in the following music sheet. However, it is not so easy.

[From "Et exsultavit" of J.S.Bach's "Magnificat"(Bach_et_exsultavit_003, 7.87 KB)] [From "Et exsultavit" of J.S.Bach's "Magnificat"(Bach_et_exsultavit_004, 8.77 KB)]

Finally, we became able to synchronize today. But it would be needed to check again in the next Friday's training.

In Rutter's "Mangnificat", the harp player joined. It was the first time to including harp sound in our music. "Oh, it is comfortable to hear harp's sound.", said the conductor, Mr. Kataoka(^^). There are already few indication from the conductor in detail. The conductor's indication was mainly how to generate "atmosphere" of the music.

Today's training was end at 5:00 p.m. I feel that many problems to solve are remained yet. But I also feel that our "Gloria" has the characteristic of making a final burst(^^;). I feel lightheartedly that most of problems will be solved next Friday's stage rehearsal? but is it all right?(Bomb!)

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