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"Gloria" Diary 2007(2)

On Sunday, December 2, 2007, the concert of "Gloria Ensemble and Choir Vol.15" will be performed. Here is the information of the concert. Year 2007 is the 180th anniversary of L. van Beethoven's death. So "Gloria Ensemble and Choir" will perform his "Mass in C major(Op.86)". And we also will the program of performing various types of Mass music from Gregorian chant to modern music. I belong this group as a harpsichord or organ player... What are waiting for us ? Please read the following...

NOTE : I divide "Gloria Diary 2007" as the following;

September 23, 2007 The 1st "Combined Training"

The orchestra of "Gloria" in this year needed more time to assemble members. After the list of members was fixed, there were two times of the training related to the orchestra. The 1st was only for the orchestra on July, and the other was woodwind brass, timpani, organ and the chorus (without strings) on August. So today is the first time of the training with full of the orchestra and chorus.

Last year's "Gloria", the members were almost different from other years'. But in this year, many people who joined the year before last but did not join last year came back. Officially, "Gloria" widely invites its members. But administrative committee would feel that it is easy to execute their works if there are many "familiar" people. Especially I am the member of the committee in this year, so I feel it. Now, the training was started on 11:00 a.m. Before the combined training, it was performed only for the orchestra without chorus in the morning. I was late for it. Because the first piece to train was "Coriolan" overture and I do not join to play this piece...no, it is not true. It should be said that I was simply late without any right reasons.

We already performed whole of this Mass through in the training of July. So there are not any particular events in today's orchestra training. Its purpose may be to remember the music just before the combined training with the chorus. The training only for the orchestra was ended on 0:40 p.m. After that, the chorus trained for about 1 hour from 1:00 p.m. And the combined training was started from 2:00 p.m. Notice that our conductor Mr. Kataoka had no time to eat lunch... His indications during today's combined training were not so many. The reason may be he could not eat lunch. (← Incorrect^^;) Our main object during today's training seemed to be grasping the music with "full formation". Indeed, I could understand the music in more detail than before today's training. And some chorus members said that they also could.

Of course we could solve the problem from today's training. The conductor required that the orchestra should make the emotion in account of the "words of Mass", for example, "figure going down" just before "et in terra pax (and peace on earth)", or, sudden change of the atmosphere at "crucifixus (he was crucified)", while, he requested "exact beats" to the chorus. These will be important subject from now on.

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