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Thank you for your coming or supporting. (Nov. 13, 2006)

Here is the information of the next concert (on 2007).

Gloria Ensemble & Choir vol.14

We open one concert in a year with newly organized orchestra and chorus group in each year toward the improvement of the music scene in Tochigi-ken, Japan.

The 250th Anniversary of W.A.Mozart's Birth

in Saltzburg

Missa Solemnis (K.337)
Vespeare           (K.339)

Soprano : Harumi Kobayashi

Alto : Misato Iwamori

Tenor : Akihide Kobayashi

Bass : Naoki Ota

Mozart : Jun'ichiro Uchida

Conductor : Makoto Kataoka/Hitoshi Uchida

Chorus and Orchestra : Gloria Ensemble & Choir vol.14

Narrator : Takeshi Ooya

Piano : Natsuko Ogimachi, Kiyomi Simizu

Sunday, Novermber 12, 2006

Opened on 13:15, Started on 14:00

Main Hall, Tochigi-ken Sôgô Bunka Center(In front of Tochigi Prefectural Office, Utsunomiya, JAPAN)

Tickets : [Any sheets are without reservations.] 500-yen for students of elementary, junior high, high school, or collage. 2 000-yen for others.

†It is forbidden to come with small children before entering elementary school.

Tickets Seller : Tochigi-ken Sôgô Bunka Center, Utsunomiya-shi Bunka Kaikan, Shimotsuke Shimbun Play Guide (on the 2F in Tôbu Department Store, and on the 1F in Utsunomiya Parco.)

Organizer : Gloria Ensemble & Choir vol.14 Executive

Supporter : Tochigi Prefecture, Tochigi Prefectural Board of Education, Utsunomiya City, Utsunomiya City Board of Education ,Tochigi-ken Gasshô Renmei (Tochigi Prefecture Chorus Association), Asahi Shimbun (Newspaper) Utsunomiya Sôkyoku, Shimotsuke Shimbun-sha (Newspaper), and Tochigi Yomiuri (Newspaper)

Inquiry : http://www.gloria-e-c.com (Official Site in Japanese)
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