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This page is officially degined by the Commerce, Industorial and Sightseeing Section of Gujo Hachiman Town Hall. The pages in this site are written in English and Japanese.

Invitation to Bon Dancing

There are many of Bon-Odori (Bon dance) in Japan. This site introduces these various Bon-Odori. Gujo-odori is also explained in detail. You can study the role and the history of Bon-Odori in Japanese life. After reading this site, you will be able to enjoy Bon-Odori much more.

Jonathan's Japan Page

Jonathan, the composer of this site, visited Gujo-hachiman many times (includeing homestay) and have been captivated by Gujo-hachiman. On the 2nd week of september, Gujo-odori is opened in Aoyama, Tokyo. He joins it every year. And he got "licence of Gujo-odori" in 1999. "Personal info" in his site tells us his passion to Gujo-hachiman.

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