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[ Four variations on a Japanese song, "Ichigatsu-tsuitachi" ]

The original music was published on 1893 by the Ministry of Education of the Japanese government. It is a famous song in Japan. Title means "January, 1" i.e. " New Years Day". The content of this song is the celebration of new year. The original song is the following. (The arrangement of the theme with music box style is thrown in.)

[The Music of 'Ichigatsu-tsuitachi' (1_1.gif, 6.46KB)]

This MIDI data is four variations of this song. Each variations are classical and I expect that you can understand the relation between theme and each variation easily. It is four-four time from the theme and the third variation. Only the last variation has three-eight time. And after the last variation, fugal coda are added.

*The copyrights of original song (by SENKE, Takatomi and UE, Sanemichi) had lasped. So the copyright of this data is only for me. The treatment of copyright for this data is completely same as the others of "Free Midi Libraries".

[ Used Synthesizer ]

Roland SC-88Pro or Roland SCP-55.

I tried to Roland VSC-88, but it is better to use external synthesizer.

[ Track Table ]

Track table of the MIDI data
Track Channel Bank Patch
Violin 1 1 1 SC-55 Map Capital Tones Violin
Violin 2 2 2 SC-55 Map Capital Tones Violin
Viola 3 3 SC-55 Map Capital Tones Viola
Cello 4 4 SC-55 Map Capital Tones Viola
Violin 1 pizz. 5 5 SC-55 Map Capital Tones Pizzicatostr
Violin 2 pizz. 6 6 SC-55 Map Capital Tones Pizzicatostr
Cello pizz. 7 7 SC-55 Map Capital Tones Pizzicatostr

[ Notes ]

When you use the following material(s), please read "requirements to use" in "Free MIDI Libraries" page.

MIDI Data(55.1KB)

Theme With Music Box Style (3.86KB)

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