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[ We Wish You a Merry Christmas (with Fugue) ]

This MIDI is my arrangement of famous Christmas song.

Original is Christmas Carol of England folk song with cute melody. I arranged this with the form of "fugue" and made MIDI file. Original theme has "sequence" and I feel that it is good to use as the theme of fugue.

In my MIDI data, after original song is once played, fugue with 4-voices begins. Someone think that the term "fugue" is "rigorous construction of counterpoint" and that it is no relation with improvisation. But I made this piece not rigorous rather "easy to listen" or "easy to play" and somewhat like improvising.

[ Used Synthesizer ]

Roland SC-88Pro,SCP-55,VSC-88. (Probably GS is OK.)

[ Track Table ]

Track table of the MIDI data
Track Channel Bank Patch
1 5 SC-55 Map Capital Tones 1 Piano 1
2 5 SC-55 Map Capital Tones 1 Piano 1
3 5 SC-55 Map Capital Tones 1 Piano 1
4 5 SC-55 Map Capital Tones 1 Piano 1

[ Notes ]

When you use the following MIDI file or music sheet, please read "requirements to use" in "Free MIDI Libraries" page.

MIDI Data(11.0KB)

Music Sheet(PDF file, 40.0KB)

Please let me know your impression via e-mail or BBS.

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