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Welcome to Basso Continuo's Sites ! The number of visitors of my sites exceeded 40,000 last year. Thank you for your visiting. I am pleased to all who have visited here. I can say that your kindness have been growing my sites. I would like to develop these sites to make some impressions or give interesting information to all of visitors. I am glad to make your acquaintance and look forward to your enjoying here.

I have been composing two sites. One is "Basso Continuo's Music Page", and another is "Gujo-hachiman, Gujo-odori Page". By selecting the item of the "CONTENTS" menu, you can know the abstracts of these sites and you can enter each site.

January, 2001

Thank you.

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Kore ha Nihongo-no bunshou desu. Yomitai kata wa kokokara download shitekudasai.
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